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Call of Ignorance, I mean Duty

I unwillingly admit that I am an online gamer (judge me later I have free time and need to fill it somehow). I recently started playing Call of Duty online on the XBOX 360 and the language used disgusted me. When someone loses or things don’t go their way word like “Nigger”, or “Faggot” (I feel wrong just typing them) are used as insults to undermine the other player or vent frustration and they are used A LOT. Now I know the nature of these games are violent but does that mean that people who play them are all ignorant and that these word are acceptable to them…?????? NO, it doesn’t, I have no idea as to why these terms are thrown around so loosely, probably because it’s online and they don’t see the damage they do, but allowing these words to still be used is unnacceptable so if you’re like me and you’re sick and tired of ignorance and play online video games report the players who use them for prejudice, I imagine the last thing Microsoft wants to be associated with is creating an environment where racism and prejudice is acceptable.

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