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Rainbow Youth Niagara’s Sugar Bush Adventure

Rainbow Youth Niagara is organizing a group outing to White Meadows Farms, on March 31, 2012, to take park in White Meadows Sugar Bush Adventure.

This outing is open to all LGBTQ Youth and their allies under the age of 14, as well as their families. Anyone who is interested in attending should arrive at Quest Community Health Centre at 1:00pm, and then everyone will leave together.

There is a small fee to attend this event


Youth 13-17= $8.00

Child 2-12=$6.00


However, give whatever you can

The sugar bush adventure, hosted by White Meadows Farms  is a guided tour through the forest  where participants learn facts about the indigenous trees found there. As well, watch themed presentations to learn more about Canada’s history and Canada’s first maple syrup harvest ever. After the trail walk, participants have the chance to sit around an open fire and listen to native stories, dance to fiddle music and  learn how to harvest maple syrup from the trees, by using  a hand drill and tree tap.

If anyone is interested in attending this event contact Stephanie Vail at

For more information on the sugar bush adventure, visit White Meadows Farm’s official website

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