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To pay the membership fees for Class B ($40), you can visit CanadaHelps to make a $40 Donation or pay in person at the AGM.


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By-Law 4: Membership

4.1. Membership. Membership in the Corporation shall be limited to persons interested in furthering the objects of the Corporation and shall consist of the applicants for incorporation and anyone whose application for admission as a member has received the approval of the board of directors of the Corporation.

4.2. Classes of Membership. There shall be two classes of Membership, designated as Class A and Class B.

4.3. Class A Membership. Class A Membership shall be limited to persons who are twenty-six years of age or younger, self-identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, two-spirited or transgendered, and whose application for admission as a Class A member has received the approval of the board of directors of the Corporation.

4.4. Class B Membership. Class B Membership shall consist of all persons who are members of the Corporation but are not Class A members.

4.5. Application for Membership. Application for Membership in the Corporation shall be in writing, in a form and containing such information as approved by the board of directors from time to time.

4.6. Acceptance to Membership. Upon review of the application, the board of directors will either accept or refuse the applicant and provide written notification of such acceptance or refusal. An applicant whose application for membership is not accepted by the board of directors shall have no right to appeal the decision of the board of directors.

4.7. Transfer of Membership. Membership in the Corporation shall not be transferable or assignable.

4.8. Withdrawal. Any member may withdraw from the Corporation by delivering to the Corporation a written resignation and lodging a copy of the same with the secretary of the Corporation, such withdrawal to be effective upon receipt thereof by the secretary.

4.9. Removal of Member. Upon 30 days’ written notice to a member, and after giving such member an opportunity to be heard, the members may, by resolution passed by at least 66% of the votes cast at an annual or special meeting of the members, pass a resolution authorizing the removal of such member from the register of members and thereupon such person shall cease to be a member. Any member so removed shall have no right of appeal, but may re-apply for membership to the Corporation.

4.10. Membership Fees. Class B members shall pay a membership fee yearly. There shall be no membership fee for Class A members. The board of directors may, from time to time, direct a change in the membership fees payable by Class A or Class B members of the Corporation. The board of directors may waive the membership fees for a member.

4.11. Voting Rights. Each member shall have the right to one vote at any meeting of the members.