Support Us

Why Give?

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. LGBT Youth Line is here to pick up the phone or to respond to the text or chat online. We need you to help us support youth through all the feels.

Our peer support volunteers served more than 5,000 youth last year – a number that keeps growing. We are reaching under-served Ontario 2SLGBTQ populations – 49% of this year’s service users contacted us from outside of the City of Toronto and Hamilton Area and 32% self-identify as black, indigenous or people of colour. Youth Line is an essential service for our community, is innovative in approach, run by youth for youth. Help us meet our goal of ensuring that all 2SLGBTQ youth in Ontario know who we are, know how to reach us, and have their accessibility needs met in doing so.

Ontario’s LGBT+ youth will thank you. Here are some of their words:


“This was exactly what I needed.” 

“Knowing that the person on the other side of the screen was an LGBTQ* youth made me feel a lot more comfortable going to them with what was going on.” 

“[Contacting Youth Line] made me feel more relaxed and actually helped me open up to peers in real life 🙂 ”