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If you are interested in becoming a Member of LGBT Youth Line, which gets you a vote at our Annual General Meeting, please click here to fill out our registration form. You can also pay your membership dues by clicking here (please select Membership).

Membership documents:

LGBT YL Bylaw Amendments – 2018 AGM

LGBT YL AGM 2018 – Proxy Form


Membership by-laws:

3.1 Membership. Membership in the Corporation shall be limited to persons interested in
furthering the objects of the Corporation and shall consist of the applicants for
incorporation and anyone whose application for admission as a member has received the
approval of the Board, or a staff delegate.
3.2. Classes of Membership. Subject to the articles, there shall be two classes of Members
in the Corporation, namely, Class A Members and Class B Members.
3.3 Class A Membership. Class A Membership shall be open to individuals who:
• Are twenty-six (26) years of age or younger;
• Self-identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, two-spirit, asexual or intersex;
• Have applied for Class A membership and have had their application for Membership
approved by the Board, or a staff delegate.
3.3.1 Class B Membership. Class B Membership shall be open to individuals who are
Members of the Corporation but are not Class A members.
3.4 Application for Membership. Application for either Class A or Class B Membership in
the Corporation shall be in writing, in a form and containing such information as approved
by the Board.
3.5 Acceptance to Membership. Upon review of the application, the Board (or a staff
delegate) will either accept or refuse the applicant and provide written notification of such
acceptance or refusal. An applicant whose application for membership is not accepted by
the Board shall have no right to appeal the decision of the Board.