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Organizational Review: Request for Proposal – Independent Consultant 

Posted on July 15, 2022

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Request for Proposal – Independent Consultant 


LGBT YouthLine (‘YouthLine’) is issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the services of an individual consultant or consulting firm (‘Consultant’) to complete a comprehensive Organizational Review (“Review”). The Review is to involve an assessment and analysis of the organizational structure in relation to organizational, staff, and board responsibilities and workload. The Review requires the identification of options and development of recommendations that will ensure efficiency and effectiveness in meeting current and anticipated (5-10 years) service delivery requirements and organizational growth, in line with YouthLine’s Mission, Vision, and Values.  


We are looking to do an internal Review to ensure that as we grow and evolve, we are creating an infrastructure that is sustainable, efficient, and scalable. More importantly, the Review’s focus is on ensuring that our organization’s infrastructure, policies, processes, and practices continue to foster an environment and culture that supports our approach and values. This includes ensuring that all levels of our organization are set up to have the appropriate staffing, structures, tools, resources, and support for an environment of growth and wellbeing, for the team and each individual. 


In our 29th year of operation, alongside the growth and changes, LGBT YouthLine’s Executive Director is also taking a one-year leave of absence, after six years in the role. An interim Executive Director will be supporting the Review process, alongside Board and Management. Given the growth and changes at YouthLine, and more broadly during the pandemic, it is an opportune time to conduct a holistic review of YouthLine’s people and processes. 

For full details on the role, the project, and how to apply, click here