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YouthOrganize is Recruiting Youth Advisory Committee Members!

Are you: a 2SLGBTQ+ youth living in Peel or Halton with knowledge and passion for the arts? interested in building 2SLGBTQ+ community within Peel and Halton? interested in organizing, leading or attending a series of arts-based workshops for and by 2SLGBTQ+ youth?  Join our Youth Advisory Committee!   YouthOrganize is looking for 8-12 2SLGBTQ+ youth […]

Philip Wong, Interim Executive Director

Welcome Philip Wong as Interim Executive Director!

We are thrilled to welcome back Philip Wong (he/him) to LGBT YouthLine as the Interim Executive Director, effective August 4, 2022.      Philip is a non-profit professional with more than 20 years of experience advocating for and with marginalized communities. Philip has firsthand knowledge of the organization’s value as a critical resource for 2SLGBTQ+ youth. He has served […]

Update regarding Volpe v. Wong-Tam.png

Public Statement: Update regarding Volpe v. Wong-Tam

On May 26, 2022, Justice Glustein made the important and necessary decision to dismiss the charges against the defendants in the case of Volpe v. Wong-Tam.   You can read more about the situation in our statements from Jan 11th, 2021, Jan 14th, 2021, and April 6th, 2021.   We would like to express our […]

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June is Indigenous History Month: Where to Give

Two-Spirit, Indigiqueer, and Indigenous LGBTQ+ youth deserve care, resources, and programming not only in June, but all year round.    In honour of Indigenous History Month, we have compiled a list of groups doing affirming, transformative work in support of 2SLGBTQ+ Indigenous young people across Ontario. Read below to learn more about the meaningful changes these […]


June is Indigenous History Month: Supports and Resources

With June being Indigenous History Month, YouthLine wants to recognize the ongoing impacts of settler colonialism on 2SLGBTQ+ Indigenous youth, living in what is often referred to as Ontario.    While many folks are putting up rainbow Pride flags this month, we acknowledge the valid experiences of grief, sadness, anger, and rage brought about by […]

Pride Every Day, Every Way

Pride Every Day, Every Way!

This summer, LGBT YouthLine invites all supporters, community members, friends, and chosen family to celebrate Pride every day, in every way. Everyone has a different way they decide to celebrate their identities, growth, and communities – and each way they do that is personal and important.   Whether in-person or virtual, surrounded by swaths of people […]

Our phone hours are changing!

Changes to LGBT YouthLine’s HelpLine Phone Hours

In March 2021 – one year after the pandemic forced us to close our HelpLine’s phone lines and shift our services to an entirely remote operation – we relaunched our phone lines. While we have remained open on chat and text during the pandemic, it has been wonderful connecting with youth again over the phone […]

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Check out our Climate Despair Resource!

With Earth Day around the corner, we’re excited to share our latest resource on Climate Despair!   Here at YouthLine, staff started to prioritize talking about their thoughts, experiences, and feelings in regard to climate change once we realized how many of us were feeling anxiety about the earth. The term “climate despair” came up, so we wanted to unpack that […]

We're hiring an Interim Executive Director

We’re Hiring an Interim Executive Director

Dear YouthLine Community,     As we move into Pride season and YouthLine’s 29th year, we have a leadership and staffing update to share. Please take a moment to read the following organizational updates that are taking place at LGBT YouthLine.     LGBT YouthLine’s Executive Director, Berkha Gupta, will be taking a one-year leave of […]

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We’re Recruiting Volunteers for Two Programs! (CLOSED)

LGBT YouthLine is currently recruiting 2SLGBTQ youth (16-29 years old) for two separate volunteer programs! If you are passionate about supporting and collaborating with other 2SLGBTQ+ youth across Ontario, please read more about these opportunities below.     These are both remote programs, so anyone across Ontario can take part! YouthLine offers an accessibility fund […]