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Provincial Youth Ambassadors

Provincial Youth Ambassadors

The LGBT YouthLine Provincial Youth Ambassadors is comprised of an outstanding group of eighteen 2SLGBTQ identified youth from across the province.

Devonte (he/him) is a mixed raced queer person who has roots in Trinidad and Northwestern Europe. Devonte was raised in Hamilton but now calls Brant County his home. Devonte uses his background in public health to help advocate and support for individuals who experience marginalization. Devonte wanted to be apart of PYAP because he doesn’t want youth to feel the internalized self-doubt, identity struggle, and loneliness he felt due to not having the support from the 2SLGBTQ that was needed due to a lack of resources available to him. In his spare time, Devonte can be found watching reality television, shamelessly dancing, or doing yoga.

Damien (he/they) I am from Waterloo, ON but I grew up in the middle east. A lot of my childhood was spent feeling alone and misunderstood within my family’s culture and religion, and a big part of that was being Queer and not having access to any knowledge about the 2SLGBTQ+ world. I joined PYAP in the hopes that I can provide guidance and acceptance to those who might be in a similar situation as I was growing up.

Naz (he/him) I joined PYAP because my passion in life is working with children and youth and being able to be a youth ambassador will help me reach out to those who are like me but might not be able to find support and know that there are folks out there that want to help them and guide them and support them through and slowly finding out who they are and being able to love themselves. Growing up I feared of being myself and when I slowly got support and found folks like me at the age of 19-20 which I feel might be a little too late for some, I wish if I knew who I was when I was younger that I would have been able to be more involved. But I am happy that I am here today with YouthLine as a PYAP.

Rico (he/him) is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, but currently residing in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. I wanted to join PYAP because I wanted LGBTQ2S youth to feel free to be themselves in this great nation, I want our country to lead by example to show the world that we matter and that we belong. I am of Ojibway and Salvadorian decent, I’ve grown up in my early childhood in the southern United States, then moving on to Winnipeg where I was born. I’m an amateur traveler, I’m not afraid to conquer my fears, when I see a challenge; I like to challenge it head on. I am currently in Toastmasters to help become a better leader and public speaker so that I can voice myself without fear.

Katrina(they/them) is a non-binary person. They are a paramedic student in Northen Ontario and enjoy rock climbing, and providing 2SLGBTQ resources to those in rural communities. They joined PYAP because it has the funding and ability to make permanent changes that will help 2SLGBTQ youth have the environment and support they deserve.

Beck (he/they) is a queer, trans person born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Robinson-Superior Treaty territory and the traditional territory of the Anishnaabeg. Beck is passionate about access to queer/ trans-competent mental and physical health care outside of urban centres, and loves to explore the beauty of Northwestern Ontario and beyond any chance they can. With their passion for rural queer/ trans service access, Beck jumped at the chance to be involved with PYAP to work with others from across the province to engage in and support community-based activism. Beck is a mental health worker, proud cat dad, Lakehead University grad, body modification enthusiast, cautious motorcycle rider, amateur bass clarinettist, occasional tailor, professional backpack packer, aspiring Geocacher, and master road trip planner.

Hannah(they/them) I really respect the mandate and vision of PYAP, and am always looking for ways to support queer and trans youth, especially through organizations that prioritize BIPOC voices. As a non- binary femme, who identifies as trans, I would have loved to see more representation of folks like me growing up. I love plants, talking about the land, food sovereignty, and going on hikes with my dog Charlie.

Camren(they/them) is a queer Ojibway person. They are from a small town in north ontario called New Liskeard. They joined the PYA project to try and make their community a better place and to help others feel safe being themselves because that’s something they lacked while growing up.

Weitao(he/him) is an Asian queer person who was born and raised in Beijing. He now lives in Waterloo for his undergrad. He became a part of the PYAP in hopes to increase visibility for queer and trans newcomers of Canada. Aside from combating heterosexism, Weitao’s passion includes acapella, pizza, and all things Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He is also a huge fan of non-contact sports like tennis, figure skating, and drag.

Mycah (she/they) is in Canada by way of her immigrant settler family immigrating from the Philippines. They are of Ilongga-Batak descent and a self-identified ‘third culture kid’ considering the Philippines; England; Wales; Colorado, and British Columbia as their homes. Currently, she resides in Markham, Ontario (York Region). Mycah recently graduated in 2018 from an Honours Bachelor of Political Science at York University. They applied to become a participant for PYAP because they are passionate about their queerness and are seeking to create more relations within the 2SLGBTIA+ community.

Shivanie(she/her) is a queer Indo-Caribbean woman who was born and grew up in the Peel Region. With few spaces and resources for queer and trans folks in Brampton, she wanted to be a part of PYAP to hopefully fill that gap and foster community, especially for QTBIPOC. She recently completed her M.A. in History and is currently spending her time reading, writing, and crying over fictional characters.

Said(they/them) is a black gender-fluid person from Zanzibar, Tanzania. They grew up in Toronto, Ontario but now have made a nest in Peterborough, Ontario. Said spent their early educational journey studying forensics and physics at Trent University. It wasn’t until they graduated that they knew the arts was the path for them. They then went to Algonquin for design studies, and then George Brown College for Graphic Design. Said has an affinity for the performance arts and has created a drag scene in Peterborough since their return in the summer of 2018. Said’s other hobbies include but are not limited to: computer games, reading Stephen king, and watching cartoons. Said applied for the PYAP because they love to get involved with their community and being a queer activist. In the past they have worked with Camp FyreFly, the Peterborough Aids Resource network, and the centre for women and trans people at Trent University.

Leon(she/her) lives in Greater Toronto Areas (Tkaronto), Ontario, Turtle Island Transgender Femme, Student Activist, and Storyteller. Leon is honoured and excited to serve as one of the 2SLGBTQ+ provincial youth ambassadors, as she believes that “the future belongs to those who prepare for it today” (Malcolm X). May we all continue to work towards learning and unlearning, and let us aspire to inspire ourselves… to live, to love, and to unite as one.

Gabe(he/him) is a biracial, queer man from Windsor, Ontario. He now resides in Ottawa to study at Carleton University. Gabe wanted to be a part of PYAP to engage more within the community and pave the way for better 2SLGBTQ programming for adolescents. He is heavily interested in the development of support frameworks and groups such as GSA’s in order to better support queer identifying people in their journeys with sexuality and gender identity from an intersectional point of view.