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For the past 21 years, Youth Line has been here to support LGBTTIQQ2SA youth in Ontario.  Right now, we’re feeling like we need your support too. Do you have some to give? Want to go steady*? (*You can continue to share your love with other community organizations, though. Love doesn’t need to be exclusive.)

When you go steady with Youth Line as a monthly donor, your contribution will be automatically withdrawn on your credit or debit card every month for a period of time that you choose (and, of course, you can cancel easily at any time. Life happens!) You don’t have to give a large amount. If 250 Youth Line supporters give $5.00 a month for 12 months, we’ll have raised $15, 000 – a huge amount for a small nonprofit.

Your consistent support allows us to plan ahead to cover operational costs and launch new projects with firm knowledge of the funds available.

Becoming a monthly donor allows you to spread your donation out over the year, breaking a significant total into manageable monthly amounts. You will be issued one tax receipt at the end of the year for the full total of your contribution. Plus, monthly donors receive special monthly e-newsletters from Youth Line and guest list entrance (no lines!) at all Youth Line events.

So,do you want to go steady? Donate Now

Feeling the love but not into commitment? Make a One Time Donation