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The Feminist Poster Project

Whoa now, ho now. What have I just stumbled upon?!

Rad statements taking up space in places where my eyeballs roam? Check.
Images so hot I get distracted from the task at hand? Check.
Free? Check.

The Feminist Poster Project is a space to share feminist posters, postcards and stickers you and other people have made. There are so many good ones on here. Gosh darn, things that people make never cease to amaze me. If you, like me, have never made your own poster for distribution before, catch some inspiration from the poster archive then roll that Do It Yourself energy into this handy dandy guide.

Here are some of my faves:
Genderpoo (pictured above)
Homofobie is aangeleerd
Self defence for womyn
Partagez vos amours

Which ones do you love?

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