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YouthOrganize – Paid Opportunities

YouthOrganize is an Ontario-wide online platform for 2SLGBTQ youth 29 and under to talk about grassroots organizing and creating spaces in their communities. Our online group is on the Slack app, and we provide bi-weekly online discussions, resources and guides, and online trainings/skill-shares (where folks meet virtually to discuss a topic).  

YouthOrganize has funding to develop written resources (fact-sheets/documents) related to organizing, and to provide online trainings to youth across Ontario. For both workshops and written resources, we are hoping to develop content that is practical and specific to needs that arise in our communities as we organize and do work together. We’re recruiting 2SLGBTQ+ youth to do this paid work. 

Role Descriptions

  1. Resource Guide Content Developers (4 positions)

The online/written resource content will be focused around a topic relevant to 2SLGBTQ organizing, events, or programming. The ideal candidate is a topic expert who can build a new written resource that speaks to the unique challenges of 2SLGBTQ organizers.  

Role expectations 

    • Resource should be practical in nature, and address an on-the-ground organizing issues 
    • Ensure they are not overlapping existing resources; instead researching and compiling a minimum of 5 other resources related to the topic as additional resources. 
    • Resource should be in accessible, easy to read language relevant to a wide audience of 2SLGBTQ youth 
    • Content developer should write the document with a visual/dynamic final work in mind: e.g. use checklists, info bullet points, charts and other visuals to convey content 
    • Citation is cool, plagiarism is not! 

Project Timeline 

    • Final of 4-6 page guide (as per template requirements) due end of October 

Content Topic Areas for Guides 

    1. Accessibility in programming, events, physical space accessibility, making programs more physically accessible with limited resources, meaningful inclusion and supporting community 
    2. Centering safety and inclusion in organizing (online/offline) (e.g. how to deal with homophobia/transphobia, being “out”, cultural and religious contexts, etc) 
    3. Organizing in a Rural, suburban, remote contexts (finding LGBTQ community, making use of community space to hold events, meetings, challenges and strategies unique to these contexts etc.) 
    4. Accountability and responsibility in organizing – transparency, organizing relationships, responding to feedback and community relationships 
    5. Suggest your own option!!! 

Rate: $500-750 

  1. Designer (1 position)

YouthOrganize is looking for a graphic designer with experience in reports, infographics, and/or fact sheets. Part of this role will also include a meeting with an experienced designer will also meet with an experienced Graphic Designer for professional development  

Skills and Experience 

  • Is confident in using design software such as Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator.  
  • Can design factsheets for social media format as well as longer form PDF factsheet 
  • Can create high readability documents that include infographic, images, and are not just text-based 
  • Works with YouthOrganize staff to illustrate concepts in a cohesive flowing format 
  • Obtains approval of concept by submitting rough layout for approval
  • Design formats may include: checklists, info bullet points, charts and other visuals, and a link section to related resources  
  • Prepares final layout for 4 written resource guides and factsheets. 
  • Having some experience in 2SLGBTQ+ community organizing an asset 

Project Timeline 

  • Resource Guide Template for the Content Designers due first week of October. 
  • Content provided by end of October. 
  • Final of all guides due mid-December.  

Rate: $1500-2000 

  1. Workshop Facilitators (multiple, ongoing)

Workshops are in a 1-hour flexible presentation format, online.  Following the presentation section, we will have 1 hour of open discussion with the youth about any issues, concerns, learnings, or questions they may bring up related to their own organizing. Online presentations may be a new format for you – part of this role will include some support around how to facilitate online.  

Some potential topics could include:  

    • GSAs, college 2SLGBTQ groups, or other programming – how build programming, how to find space for your group (online or in person, pros and cons of social media sites, accessibility);  
    • Creating and running BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) centered spaces;    
    • Making programs more trans-positive, trans-centered, or trans-inclusive; and 
    • Anything else you can think of, related to 2SLGBTQ youth organizing!  

Project Timeline 

    • Workshop time to be determined, will occur during Fall/Winter 2019-2020 

Rate: $150-200 



Submit any clarifying questions you have to before September 12th, 2019 at 5:00PM. Answers will be provided to all applicants on September 13th.  

To Apply 

For Resource Guide Content Developer Role and Designer Role: Please submit an expression of interest (EOI) to by September 22th at 11:59PM. In your expression of interest please include:

  1. Samples of any past work related to the role(s), clearly identifying which part of the project you worked on and contributed 
    Facilitator: include a list of past workshops you’ve worked on, clearly identifying your role (workshop developer, facilitator, co-facilitator)
    Designer: examples of past work, examples of programs you’re comfortable with, ½ page describing how you would approach the design of a report 
    Content Developer: 1/2 page-1 page summary of what you would include on topic of your choosing (you can use one listed above if you’d like!), and how you would structure it 
  2. Briefly answer the following questions:  
    • What experience do you bring to the role (Designer, Facilitator, Content Developer) you are applying for?  
    • What are you hoping to learn or practice through this opportunity with YouthOrganize? 

For Online Workshop Facilitator Role: Complete this web application by September 22th at 11:59PM:

Application for Consideration 

The LGBT Youth Line only considers applicants that identify as part of the LGBTTIQQ2SA community. Grounded in principles of Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression, we recognize and encourage applications from communities that are further marginalized in employment opportunities, including: Black, Indigenous and people of colour, Trans-feminine people, Disabled people, people with experiences of migration, and people who have experiences of poverty. We particularly welcome applicants from these communities who are youth (under the age of 29). Applicants are encouraged to self-identify in their EOIs, which will be kept confidential.