COVID-19 Update for Peer Support HelpLine
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Update regarding Volpe v. Wong-Tam.png

Public Statement: Update regarding Volpe v. Wong-Tam

On top of an orange background, black text says that "June is Indigenous History Month: Where to Give." To the right is a white square outlined box that has different sized and shaped white outlines of branches, leaves, and twigs growing out of it. Inside the box, it has the LGBT Youthline logo in white.

June is Indigenous History Month: Where to Give

Join our Board of Directors

Join our Board of Directors!


June is Indigenous History Month: Supports and Resources

Pride Every Day, Every Way

Pride Every Day, Every Way!

Our phone hours are changing!

Changes to LGBT YouthLine’s HelpLine Phone Hours

Jul 04 Like this tweet to rub my belly💗 Panda, one of YL's fluffiest team members, wants to thank everyone for supporting…
Jul 01 Our HelpLine is open tonight on text & chat: 🧡Text us: 4 PM - 9:30PM, at 647-694-4275 🧡 Chat with us: 4 PM - 9:30…
Jul 01 Indigenous youth, we are here for you, on this day and always. If you need someone to talk to, our peer support v…
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