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The Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line is a service that relies on the contribution of many volunteers. The donation of time and talent by all our volunteers ensures that we are able to provide an empathetic ear and important information to isolated and at-risk youth throughout Ontario. Online, through text message and over the phone, Youth Line volunteers provide a province-wide free and anonymous peer support service for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, 2-spirit, queer and questioning youth in Ontario.



Peer Support Volunteers

Applications for Peer Support Volunteers are closed until Summer 2018! 

Peer Support Volunteers are the folks on the other end of the line. We take calls, chats, and texts from Ontario’s LGBTQ2S youth. We do this Sunday-Friday, 4:00-9:30 PM.

Volunteering means:

  • Being part of one of the largest LGBTQ2S youth organizations in the province
  • Experiencing a fun and challenging 12 week training that focuses on anti-racism and anti-oppression frameworks
  • Hanging out in a community of other LGBTQ2S youth
  • Receiving food and TTC tokens on every shift


Student Placements

We look forward to inviting students to working with post-secondary students to apply for placement positions with us. Youth Line has a number of exciting positions throughout the organization where students can do meaningful work and learn more about peer support for LGBTQ2S youth, provincial work, fundraising, event planning, and the nonprofit sector.

Outreach Student Placement

Service Student Placement


Join Youth Line’s Committees!

  • Resume and cover letter are not necessary.
  • Prior experience is not necessary.
  • For each committee, email us letting us know:
    • which committee(s) you are interested in joining,
    • a bit about yourself,
    • why you are interested in the specific committee and Youth Line,
    • what you think you can bring to the committee and what you hope to learn.
  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Send questions or express your interest to join via


Here’s more about each committee:


Outreach Committee

This committee is open to LGBTQ2S youth & non-youth across Ontario; also open to support from allies.

The outreach committee is a volunteer-driven committee for LGBTQ2S youth and non-youth who are interested in becoming community representatives for Youth Line. Committee members identify spaces to share Youth Line resources, attend events and tabling opportunities, and Pride events to promote Youth Line across Ontario. Volunteers connect with the Outreach Coordinator and other committee members, and learn about networking, facilitation, and public engagement. If you do not have the time to join the committee or are an ally, you can still get involved by supporting our outreach across Ontario! Contact us.


Craftathon Committee

Open to LGBTQ2S youth and non-youth in the Toronto area.

The Craftathon is an annual fundraiser in support of LGBT Youth Line. Going into its third year, Craftathon has been a great success as a day of crafting and community. Craftathon has table leads who each run a craft for attendees. Attendees are encouraged to raise a minimum amount, either in a team format or individually.


Led by 2 volunteer co-chairs, the committee also consists of 2 members of Youth Line’s Board of Directors. The Craftathon committee is responsible for planning the event, obtaining sponsorships, recruiting volunteer table leads to teach crafts, maintaining a social media presence, managing logistics, and organizing volunteers. We raised over $8500 for LGBT Youth Line in 2017 and we cannot wait for next year’s event! Join us to help make the 2018 Craftathon bigger and better. Click here for some of the positions we are looking to fill.


Youth Awards Committee

Open to LGBTQ2S youth & non-youth in the Toronto area.

The LGBT Youth Awards are a way to celebrate and recognize the contributions of outstanding LGBTTIQQ2SA youth. The youth awards gala is an event featuring an evening reception followed by an awards ceremony with performances featuring up and coming LGBTTIQQ2SA youth artists. It takes a lot to put on this evening and we need your help to do it! Get more info on the different roles you could take on here.

Fundraising Committee

This committee is open to LGBTQ youth and non-youth, allies and those outside of Toronto.

The fundraising committee is a board-driven committee that is responsible for supporting the fundraising activities of LGBT Youth Line alongside our Fundraising Coordinator. We coordinate fundraising campaigns, connect Youth Line with new sponsors and donors, and support relationship development with third party fundraisers, be they individuals, schools or workplaces. Over the next year, we will be focusing on:

  • Increasing our fundraising initiatives during Pride season
  • Strengthening fundraising through third-party events, including providing more formalized supports to individuals/groups running those events
  • Expanding our fundraising more into other parts of the province

We are currently seeking new committee members who either have experience in fundraising, networks that would be useful in growing the Youth Line fundraising network or who are interested in working alongside our team to learn and grow their fundraising skills.

If you do not have the time or capacity to commit to our fundraising committee, we would encourage you to reach out nonetheless, as we are always eager to grow our network of fundraising supporters, advisers and donors.



Why Volunteer?

  • Meet new people and build your network of support
  • Explore new challenges and learn new skills
  • Improve the quality of life in the LGBTQ community
  • Be there for someone that needs support, information and resources

Things To Consider

  • How much time do I have to volunteer?
  • What skills would I enjoy sharing or like to develop?

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to contribute to the Youth Line. Volunteers of all ages and identities are welcome. However, Peer Support Volunteers must be 26 years old or younger; identify as lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex, two-spirit, queer, asexual, or something else along those lines; and be able to get to Toronto to volunteer.


Join Our Board of Directors

We’re looking for youth (18-26 years old) and non-youth candidates to join our Board of Directors. Positions are open for key leadership roles on the Board, including committees such as the Executive, Fundraising, and Policy. Our Board works with the Executive Director, staff and volunteers to fulfill our mission to serve LGBTQ youth. This includes a wide range of activities, such as attending and participating in monthly board meetings, policy writing, representing the organization at public events, fundraising, planning for the future, and chairing and sitting on various committees. Directors are required to serve a minimum of one 2-year term, with an average monthly commitment of 10 hours.

Click here to  learn more about joining our Board of Directors