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Posted on June 24, 2020

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So we can’t go out and march in the streets this year, but we can still celebrate! 2020 may be a strange time, but what is great about is the plethora of 2SLGBTQ media out there for the watching, reading, and listening. The team at LGBT YouthLine decided to pull together our favourite movie, book, TV show, and music recs we came up with for the #Dare2Imagine Pride photo challenge into a recommendations post for #Pride! Do you agree with us? Disagree? Share your own recs with the #Dare2Imagine hashtag!


Movies and TV Shows

No one could be happier than us to see more 2SLGBTQ representation on the silver screen. But it sometimes feels like we have so many networks and shows to choose from – and not all TV shows and movies are made equally, for sure. We at LGBT YouthLine wanted to pick media that we personally have watched and enjoyed. No one has time to weed through a bunch of mediocre TV and bad movies in order to find the gems! Here are our picks:



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On day five of our 30-day #Dare2Imagine #photochallenge, we want to share some favourite #BIPOC #queer #movies and #TVshows. Media by queer folx allows us to have representation, and shares our stories with everyone around the world. Check out: #Pariah | #Moonlight | #NazandMaalik | #tangerine | #Bessie | #POSEFX | #dearwhitepeople | #leedanielsstar | #Vida | #sense8 What are your favourite BIPOC and/or #2SLGBTQ+ movies/shows? Share this post and tell us, and don’t forget to add these to your watch list!

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We picked these because of their great 2SLGBTQ and BIPOC representation. Do you agree? What would you add?



With the advent of J.K. Rowling, or “She Who Must Not Be Named”, coming out with her damaging beliefs right in the middle of Pride month, our team wanted to spread some awareness of other authors who are either 2SLGBTQ themselves or support our community. These books were ones we felt really provided great, realistic plots and representation, something that was needed for many who felt like they lost their childhood or teen years to JKR.



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On day four of our 30-day #Dare2Imagine #photochallenge, we want to share some favourite #BIPOCauthors and #Queerauthors from the @LGBTYouthline staff! Image 1: Dirty River by @leahlakshmiwrites | Frying Plantain by @zalikarb | Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens by @tboteju | a place called no homeland by @kaichengthom | Small Beauty by #jiaqingwilsonyang | Fate of Flames by @s_raughley | Even this page is white by @vivekshraya | Brown Girl In the Ring by #nalohopkinson | What we all long for by #Dionne brand

Image 2: Policing Black Lives by @policingblack | Care Work by @leahlakshmiwrites | Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time by @cherie.dimaline and others | Unapologetic […] by @charlenecarruthers | Pleasure Activism by @adriennemareebrown | I’m afraid of men by @vivekshraya Image 3: #IndigenousHistoryMonth Fire Weed by #tunchairedvers | Disintegrate/dissociate by @arielletwist | Holy Wild by #gwenbenaway | Full Metal Indigiqueer by @jwhitehead204 | NDN Coping Mechanisms by @nakinisowin | A Two Spirit Journey by #maneechacaby Who are your favourite #BIPOC and/or #2SLGBTQ+ authors? Share this post and tag them!

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She who shall not be named is transphobic, now what? In the #prideflag the color #yellow represents light! So, on #day10 of our #dare2imagine #30dayphotochallenge we want to turn off the lights by casting #NOX on J.K. Rowling and instead share with you alternative #queerauthors and books with #queercharacters in the #youngadult and #fantasygenre. Say #LUMOS to Carry On by @rainbowrowell | In Other Lands by @sarahreesbrennan | Of Fire and Stars by @brashbook | Not Your Sidekick by @@cblee_cblee | Girls of Paper and Fire by @girlinthelens | These Witches Don’t Burn by @isa_sterling | Ace of Hearts by | What Makes You Beautiful by @medusianallure What are your favourite books in these genres? Tag us in your photo and don’t forget to use #Dare2Imagine!

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Our idea behind picking these books was to provide youth with another series or fantasy story to lose themselves in. We recognize the feelings we had when we read “Harry Potter”; that experience of fantasy and disappearing into another world is special, but also needs to support all readers!



We know that music is extremely subjective! But music has actually been one of the media channels where 2SLGBTQ and BIPOC performers get shut out or marginalized the most. That’s why we think it’s extremely important to present music that is made by folx in our community. See our picks below:



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#TGIF! It’s #day12 of our #dare2imagine #30dayphotochallenge. #Blue represents #harmony in the #prideflag, and nothing brings more harmony than the universal language of #music! Check out these amazing artists: @janellemonae @JBtheFirstLady @shawneemusic @AngelHaze @iskwe @iamSheaDiamond @VivekShraya @doitlikedua @christinaholmesmusic @itsFrankOcean @feliciathegoat @LilNasX @PrincessNokia @Raveena_aurora @kohinoorgasm @Linikeroficial @TheInternet @devhynes @todrick Share your favourite #2SLGBTQ+ singers and musicians in your story, and tag us! #queermusic #2slgbtqartists #musicians #instagood #pride2020 #lgbtpride #lgbtqia #song #songs #melody #beats #party #partymusic #newsong #lovethissong #remix #favoritesong #listentothis #goodmusic #instamusic

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Do you agree? Disagree? Think we missed someone? Let us know – drop us a comment on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! We’d love to pull together a rec list from our community, too.


Time for a Netflix Party and book club with a great playlist! Happy Pride!


<3 YouthLine staff