#Dare2Imagine 30-Day Photo Challenge

Posted on May 29, 2020

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2SLGBTQ+ youth are in all spaces and all regions. We are in the North, and in the South. We are in rural communities, remote communities, and urban centers. We exist in schools, workplaces, community centers and places of faith.  


We don’t just exist during the month of June. And we don’t just exist in Pride-festival spaces.  


For this Pride season, we want YOU to #Dare2Imagine.


#Dare2Imagine the spaces and places that 2SLGBTQ youth are part of.

#Dare2Imagine the places we dream of.

#Dare2Imagine the future we want to have, and continue to create.


Join us this June for a 30-day photo challenge that celebrates who we are as a 2SLGBTQ community.

Tag a friend and share the world you’re dreaming of with us.

Join us for a day, a week, or the whole month – it’s up to you.



  • Be careful sharing photos that might make it easy for someone to identify you or your location (or someone else and their location!)
  • Don’t share photos of other people unless you have their permission to do so or they are public images (like images of public figures)
  • Be aware that when photos are shared on the internet, a wide range of folks can view them and you may not be able to control access to them
  • Please share youth-friendly images only! We have minors participating 🙂
  • Get creative! These prompts are only guidelines – show us what you truly #Dare2Imagine for 2SLGBTQ youth.

Participate on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter


Participate on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter