Youth Line Needs A New Phone System!

Help LGBT Youth Line answer the call…literally!

Posted on December 3, 2015

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Youth Line needs a new phone system! More LGBTTQQI2SA Ontario youth than ever are aware of our service thanks to increased provincial outreach. Now that our peer support volunteers are available by text message, online chat and by phone, youth can contact us more easily using the platforms that they are most comfortable with. Demand for our service has increased and continues to grow. 3, 768 LGBT+ Ontario youth contacted us last year – a 28.9% increase from 2013-2014. Our total number of SMS text messages sent and received increased by 58% over the past year.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the tech capacity to keep up.  Our current 15-year-old hardware will not be serviceable by this time next year. New hardware and installation for a VOIP phone system will cost $8000. We also need additional money in our reserves to cover a new monthly phone plan with increased allowable text messages sent and received. Your donation to this fund will directly impact the very core of LGBT Youth Line’s programming – the line itself!

Donate to our phone line fund  now or to our general fund to cover unexpected costs as they come up. We need your help to make sure we’re always able to answer the call when LGBT+ Ontario youth just need someone to listen.