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Posted on June 2, 2015

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In celebration of our 20th anniversary, over the past year we have undertaken the task of redesigning our organizational identity and refreshing our website with a modern and updated look and feel.

In consultation with our Board of Directors, Staff members and Volunteers, we engaged Toronto-based interactive design agency Pilot to update our organizational branding and rebuild our online presence from the ground up. Board of Directors member and Project Manager for the branding and website redesign, Jeff Cooke, says “To stay current with the ways in which our service users engage with our content and most importantly receive support, it was essential to have an online hub which reflected current best practices in digital design, functionality and accessibility. The team at Pilot dedicated their time and efforts to build out a platform which will allow us to serve the LGBTQ youth of Ontario more efficiently and effectively.

Youth Line is a great organization staffed with caring individuals who whole heartedly give their time and energy to making it a great resource,” says Co-Founder of Pilot, David Di Biase. “My team and I were genuinely excited to work with the LGBT Youth Line to redefine the brand, web and print components of the organization. Our goal was to reimagine the face and aesthetic that the organization approaches youth and present it in a modern, accessible and friendly light.
The new website has been optimized for smartphone and tablet viewing as well as provides an easier-to-use interface to showcase the ways in which we support, important links & resources, fundraising and third-party events, community and organizational news items. Our extensive referral database has been completely vetted and redesigned to include even more information about the various listings we are happy to provide to the LGBTQ youth of Ontario. These much needed improvements are intended to further extend our reach and thereby reinforce our Provincial mandate.
The team at Pilot have done an excellent job at bringing Youth Line into the modern digital age with a beautifully designed web presence which will carry us through for the coming years. Their skill and expertise were made evident through recommendations on how to modernize Youth Line’s offering in a way that fit the organizations mandate.” In recognition, Cooke adds “We are truly grateful for their dedication to the project and for their commitment to the organization.
In what’s said to only be the beginning of what’s to come on the digital front of the LGBT Youth Line, Di Biase says “We are proud of the work that we’ve been able to produce. We hope to continue working with this important Provincial institution in the future as it continues to provide a fundamental support line to the broader LGBT community.