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Dare2Imagine Campaign Wrap-Up!

Posted on July 8, 2020

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As we wrapped up our #Dare2Imagine campaign, we were blown away by the amount of people who joined to make our Pride month special and inclusive. We want to thank everyone for participating and daring to imagine a better world for our communities! We could not have done it without you.


The LGBT YouthLine team came together for the last two days of the campaign to talk about what they’re daring to imagine for the future of 2SLGBTQ youth – and what they wish their younger selves knew.


Watch the videos below:




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It’s the second to last day of our #Dare2Imagine #pride photo challenge. At @lgbtyouthline, we provide support so that 2SLGBTQ youth can dare to imagine a better future. For today’s prompt, we pulled the team together to ask – what do you think the future should look like for our communities? Watch to see what they said, and let us know what you think. Hayley: Aanin, boozhoo, my name is Hayley, and I’m thinking through what I want for the future of 2SLGBTQ+ youth. What I truly want is for youth to be loved and celebrated, and free from all forms of violence that we experience today. I want them to continue to be the leaders and the voices within our communities, creating the change that needs to happen, and guiding us into a different future. I want them to be connected and grounded in all of our communities. And I want it to look different. Yeah, I just want our youth to be loved. Miigwech! Minna: I hope for the future of 2SLGBTQ youth that we have models, we have examples, we learn our history, we learn about our identities, and we’re given the tools to explore our identities and find the way we fit into all of our communities, including sexual identity and gender identity, and all the other parts of ourselves. And have spaces to celebrate those things, and share those things with our communities.

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On the last day of our #Dare2Imagine #pride challenge, we look back to when we were younger. Maybe we wished that we had someone who understood our unique places in the world. Maybe we wished for a space or community that accepted us for who we are. Today, the @lgbtyouthline team gets together to talk to our younger selves – and what we wish we could have known then. Tell us what you would have told your younger self – and let us know what you thought of the photo challenge!

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We can’t thank our supporters enough for the ways they have helped us get close to reaching our $50,000 goal this Pride season. We’d like to thank all the groups and businesses who showed their love for the YouthLine – without you, we wouldn’t have reached our goal, and we certainly wouldn’t have the reach we did.









Our third-party event-holders deserve another round of applause for finding creative ways to raise funds for YouthLine! Another special thank you to the Heart2Heart Anthology and John Epping for the Men of Curling calendar, and everyone who bought them, which raised a combined total of over $23,000!


For everyone who has donated this Pride season, we are truly thankful! We are just $2,309 away from reaching our goal for this Pride! Our work goes on year-round – we would love if you would share our link with your communities this summer.


Check out our article in IN Magazine on page 16 to see how we want to support 2SLGBTQ youth this year!


We’re daring to imagine more this summer! We hope you’ll join us.


XO, YouthLine