International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

Posted on March 9, 2017

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On International Women’s Day, we celebrate all women and girls, femmes and feminized people for the ways they teach, and love and care. Our International Women’s Day always includes trans women, and the two spirit, non-binary, and gender queering folks out there who identify with this day. We acknowledge the ways that today can feel intense for people who walk through the world without being seen for who they are. We acknowledge the ways that being adjacent to the experience of womanhood can affect your lives for better or worse. We’re here for all of this and more.


Today is for IBPOC women, for traumatised and angry femmes, and for girls who have been told they’re too much or too little. We want to give space today, and every day to Deaf and disabled women, and women who are neurodivergent. Today is for women with bodies that look an infinite number of glorious ways.


We’re here for everyone who does feminized labour that is undervalued and forgotten: the folks working around the clock to make ends meet, the mamas who raise us up, the healers and caregivers who save us, the creatives who make dreams come true, the sex workers who lead our movements, the activists, the feminists, the water protectors, the dissenters.


We work hard every day to push back against the systems that work against women and feminized people such as colonialism, racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, transmisogyny. You deserve solidarity, recognition, support, opportunities to meaningfully work, and chances to gently rest.


International Women’s Day is a time of reflection for us, and a call to action to make our communities a safer and more just place for women and people who experience gendered violence. We believe in you every day, and we’re here for you.


-Youth Line