A letter to our communities after elections

Posted on November 9, 2016

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Hi friends,


Today we woke up to a world that looks a little different than it did yesterday. The 2016 US election asked us to take a hard look at ourselves, our families, our communities, and our countries, and we did. It’s clear that racism and sexism and homophobia are alive and well south of the border, and here in Canada too. Many of us have been left sitting with some hard feelings, but we want you to know that everything we hold in our hearts right now is real. It is okay to be scared, and hurt, and angry. Your feelings are valid no matter what, and you aren’t alone with them.


In difficult times, it can be easy to look at an uncertain future and feel helpless, however at Youth Line we know that the future is held by youth, and we believe with everything in us that youth have unlimited potential. We see the incredible courage and resilience of young people every single day, and we know that tomorrow and each day after will continue to move us towards justice, hope, and liberation.


As queer and trans people, and as youth who are indigenous, black, and poc; as newcomers and refugees, and young folks who are disabled and neurodivergent- we know how to survive. We do it by taking care of ourselves and one another, and by taking action. We ask you to be compassionate with yourselves, and to reach out to the people around you. We ask you to continue to do the work to make our communities safer and more welcoming. We ask you to reach out to us if you need us- we are here for you.


As always, we see you in your solidarity. We see you protecting the land, the water, and each other. We see you organizing. Love will always outlast hard times, and we are committed to supporting you along the way.


Please visit http://youthline.ca to talk with a volunteer over instant message. You can also call: 1-800-268-9688 or send a text to: 647-694-4275 if you’d prefer to not talk on your phone. We’re also happy to support you via email at askus@youthline.ca


Take care,

Youth Line