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Posted on May 29, 2018

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Hello friends!

There are just 2 days left to vote in advance polls for the Ontario provincial election before polls open on election day (June 7th). We’ve put together this handy guide for you to have all the information you need! Spread the word. and remember to check out this article to see how the 3 major parties’ platforms compare.

If you have received a Voter Information Card in the mail, you are already registered to vote!

Check if you are registered on the Voters List through e-registration:

  • If your name IS on the Voters List, you just need a piece of ID that matches your name on the Voter’s List.
  • If your name is NOT on the Voters List, you can either register online, or in-person when you vote with a piece of ID with your name and current address on it.

When and Where to Vote 

  • Before Election Day (May 10 – June 6) at your returning office
  • Advance Voting (May 26 – May 30) at an advance voting location
  • Election Day (June 7) at your assigned voting location

Find locations and hours by entering your postal code into the Voter Information Service box. This information will also be available on your Voter Information Card.

If you are unable to vote at any of the above during the voting period, you can vote by mail with a special ballot (applications are due June 1).

Voting While Trans 

  • Photo ID is not required – only your name and address need to match .
  • The name on your ID should match the Voter’s List. You can check and edit which name is registered through e-registration.
  • While your gender will not be checked, you can also use ID that does not list your gender, such as bank statements, phone/utility bills, and school transcripts.

Check out Speqtrum’s amazing Trans Voter Access Campaign for more tips on voting while trans.  


If you are a student who has moved to study somewhere else in Ontario, you can choose to vote in the district where you temporarily reside OR where you permanently live.

If you are studying outside of Ontario, you can vote by mail with a special ballot (applications are due June 1).

Learn more about accessible voting and other frequently asked questions.   

Get Involved 

  • Coalitions such as Ontario Thrive and Ontario For All are working to hold political parties accountable to addressing often neglected issues in need of government support
  • 123 Ontario is a network of municipal voting reform campaigns across the province