Provincial Youth Ambassador Project – FAQ’s

Provincial Youth Ambassador Project – FAQ’s

How long is the commitment to be a Youth Ambassador?    

Youth Ambassador positions are 12 months long, starting May 2020 and ending in April 2021.    

What is the age range for be a Youth Ambassador?  

To apply to be part of PYAP, you must currently be between the ages of 18-29.    

Is this a paid opportunity?   

This is a volunteer opportunity, so you won’t be paid for your time. However, all expenses related to the project is covered. For example, we will cover all costs related to travel to an outreach event (transportation costs, food, accommodations, etc.).    

Do I have to live in Ontario?  

Yes, you must currently live within the province of Ontario.    

Are there any education requirements?  


How many hours per month do I have volunteer?    

On average, Youth Ambassadors dedicate 15-20 hours per month to PYAP-related activities.    

Who funds the Provincial Youth Ambassador Project?    

The Canadian Service Corp (CSC) funds PYAP. For more information about CSC, visit:   

Do I have to have an idea for a project to apply to be a Youth Ambassador?    

No ?  PYAP staff and other YA’s can support your project development!    

What are some examples of projects?   

The projects need to meet one or more needs that are outlined in the PYAP 2SLGBTQ+ Provincial Needs Assessment . Some examples could include:   

Can I apply with a friend?   

Yes! If you and another person have an idea for a project in your area and/or have already started a project in your area, you can absolutely apply together. However, we still ask that you fill out individual applications. There is a section in the application where you can state if you are applying with another person.   

How will Covid-19 impact PYAP?    

Most of the PYAP is actually designed to happen online because YA’s live throughout different regions in Ontario. So all of meetings, leadership trainings, etc. happen in online spaces.   

While there are some in-person aspects (leadership retreat, attendance at Prides/festivals, etc.), we able to transition them into online spaces.  

How do I apply?    

Fill out the online application by clicking here! Be sure to submit before the application due date on May 15th @5pm EDT!    

Final decisions will be made and communicated by May 28th.    

Other Questions?  

Reach out!  // 519 216 2758  (call or text)