How to Donate

Host a Third Party Event

A third-party event (TPF) is an event or initiative held by a person, group, or organization to raise funds in support of LGBT YouthLine. As an organization, we’re philosophically and practically committed to the peer support model – the belief that we are best positioned to serve ourselves and one another – and TPFs are one manifestation of this community orientation. There are so many ways to put on an event! 

We are a small organization with a big impact, run by and for 2SLGBTQ+ youth, and with the support of many volunteers.  Community fundraising allows us to continue working for the hundreds of 2SLGBTQ+ youth who access our anonymous peer support service every year. In the context of the COVID pandemic – which has further isolated and marginalized many of those we serve – we recognize just how important it is for youth across the province to have reliable supports and know that they aren’t alone.  

If you believe in helping youth survive, thrive, and make our world a better place, then we hope you’ll Show Your Love by organizing a TPF for us! Check out this FAQ for event ideas and answers to questions you may have. 

You can also email with your questions! 

Here’s what some TPF organizers have shared about their experience:

My name is Devon Spier and I am a queer nonbinary femme Student Rabbi. I’m also the Chief Curator/Designer of JEW-ish designs. I decided to send all proceeds from my first month of having an online design store to LGBT Youth Line. Queer youth workers, including past Executive Director, j wallace skelton, saved my young life. I’m in awe of the work you do and I think you are vital now more than ever.

Devon Spier

“Youth Line has been absolutely wonderful to work with. We appreciate everything they do for youth, and are so excited to be able to contribute to their mission.”

– Unity for Action, Ottawa, ON

“Since Leeloodles has started it has been a vital point to always give back. Leeloominai, the artist behind Leeloodles, believes that it is important to use your voice, your platform as a person, to always help, in her case her artistry. When Pride was approaching in spring 2017, Leeloo knew exactly what she wanted, which was to contribute to the LGBT community, help out fellow youth and work with a local organization. Fast-forward to Pride month and Leeloodles set their hearts on LGBT Youth Line. With great success, we managed to sell a specially made Pride tee with profits going directly to LGBT Youth Line. The Pride tee were meant to only be sold for one month, it has now remained to be a Leeloodles staple. We look forward to continuing to support and grow with everyone at the LGBT Youth Line.”

– Team Leeloodles, Toronto, ON