Are you building (or are interested in building) 2SLGBTQ community where you live? LGBT Youth Line wants to connect with you!

Through the launch of our new program, LGBT Youth Connect, we hope to connect with youth 29 and under in Ontario who are building community through starting your own youth groups, GSAs, events, or collectives.  Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, or how to make your group or program the best it can be! We are here for you and are launching a new online space to connect with 2SLGBTQ youth across Ontario who are doing work in their communities.

Here’s what we will be doing together:

  • Youth Line will be sharing and writing resources and tools on how to organize community spaces, from first getting started to more specific challenges like finding space, making events more accessible and inclusive, and figuring out what folks in your community want and need most!
  • Have important conversations and skills shares around building more anti-oppressive, accessible spaces
  • Online meetings where you will have the chance to talk with other 2SLGBTQ youth building community spaces across Ontario, share challenges, and get help and support
  • Get your group or program added to Youth Line’s Referral Database, so that other 2SLGBTQ can find your awesome programs, groups, and events!

Our first step is connecting with you and asking you what you most want support with. Fill out our survey and tell us what resources you need most in your communities!

This project is made possible through the Pride and Remembrance Association.