Pride Every Day, Every Way

Pride Every Day, Every Way!

Posted on May 31, 2022

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This summer, LGBT YouthLine invites all supporters, community members, friends, and chosen family to celebrate Pride every day, in every way. Everyone has a different way they decide to celebrate their identities, growth, and communities – and each way they do that is personal and important.


Whether in-person or virtual, surrounded by swaths of people or a few chosen family members,  quietly reflecting by yourself or attending a rally or parade, binging your favourite queer content from bed, or a mix of all of it – it’s all valid!


Pride started as a protest. It is a reminder of the work generations before have put in, the challenges our communities face today, and how much we have left to go.


Pride is a celebration: of our identities, community, resilience, and joy.

Pride is a chance to connect: reuniting with chosen family after periods of isolation and social distance, learning about the resilience of 2SLGBTQ+ communities around the globe and in our backyards, and learning how to gather, survive, and strive for better as a community.


Pride is built from the work and legacy of our 2SLGBTQ+ ancestors and elders, and we can choose to celebrate them, ourselves, and future generations every day – not just in one day, week, or month.


We live pride in being ourselves, living authentically and truthfully, prioritizing our well-being and happiness, making sure we help others stay happy, healthy, and safe – and surrounding ourselves with others who do the same for us.


Visit our Pride page to learn about ways you can participate in our campaign this year!